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You Have Affiliate Links?  Why?
Yes – I have affiliate links on this website.  Why?  I want to provide only relevant advertisers space on the site.   I want more time to devote to this blog and the little money (trust me, it really isn’t much; $12.00/ 2011) that I earn from the affiliate links goes right back into making this blog even better.

How Much Do The Affiliate Links Cost?
The affiliate links don’t cost you anything.  You still pay the regular price for a product and since I referred you, the advertisers give me a small percentage for the referral.  The goal is to make enough money to cover the hosting costs and such every month.

How Do You Determine What Kinds Of Products/Services You Promote?
I only promote products and services that I trust.  The only products and services promoted are ones I am familiar with, have experience with, use myself, or have researched.