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Make Paper Mache Clay

Make Paper Mache Clay

Paper mache clay requires few ingredients and batches can be quickly and cheaply made as you need. Clay artists have taken this school time art and have expanded on this notion to achieve great works of art or fun bits of whimsy.

As Paper Mache Artist I want to share the recipe that I currently incorporate into my three dimensional sculptures. You will also find links to other useful recipes on my website through the link provided.

You will need a small bucket, an electric mixer, a measuring cup and a tablespoon measure. To keep the finished clay from drying out, you’ll need an air-tight container. The recipe makes approximately 1 quart of paper mache clay.  All these tools are inexpense, you can pick them all up at the Dollar Store, except an electric mixer. You can find the electric mixer at the Family Dollar for $10.00.

To begin you will need to do some prep work by soaking a roll of toilet paper in warm water. I use the generic in the “regular” 2-ply rolls. Each roll contains approximately 1 1/4 cup of paper. This is not science you can’t mess up this recipe!

Step 1. Fill a small bucket with warm water. Remove the toilet paper from the roll and throw it into the water.  I leave mine to soak for a least an hour.

Step 2. Take your roll from the water and squeeze out as much water as you can. Pour the water out of the bucket and put your paper mass back in. Let this sit and dry out some more then before you move on squeeze all the water out and continue. I find the drier the paper the easier it is to separate into little chunks.

NEW Step 3. In this video you will find an alternative option to tearing your TP for your clay, you can also slurry your TP in a blender before mixing. Use the new or the old Step 3 whatever works best for you.

OLD Step 3. You will want to break the paper into chunks about 1″ across and drop them into your bucket. I can spend 30 minutes pulling apart the paper. I am always experimenting to improve my methods.

Step 4. Add all the ingredients to the bucket and mix, I use an electric mixer. The mixer will turn the paper into pulp. Make sure all the paper has been mixed in with the other ingredients about 3 mins. Get rid of all your lumps, they will only slow you down.

Awesome you now have your clay and you’re ready to start sculpting on your paper mache form. It will look a bit like cookie dough when finished.  If you don’t plan to use your clay right away, use a airtight container to keep it from drying out. The clay should stay usable for 5 days or more, if you keep it covered, longer than that I can’t make promises. The recipe makes about 1 quart, I usually prepare 2 quarts at a time because I have everything out and going.

Have fun with it and create something Whimsical for us all to see!

Thanks again for your time you are great to stop by and visit!



1 roll of toilet paper 

3/4 cup of white glue 

1.5 cups of joint compound

1/2 cup white flour

2 tablespoons linseed oil