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Awesome Paper Clay Recipe

New Paper Clay Experience

There are so many paper clay recipes available on line, I have spent the better part of the year trying different recipes and maybe one day I can share all that with you guys.

New Paper Clay Experience

So anyway here is a new clay recipe for the studio, I already love the texture and how easy it is to sculpt with. It is the NEW PAPER CLAY here at whimspapermche.

I am working on adding lots of new mediums to the studio and would love to hear your thoughts, just leave those thoughts in the comment box below. Thanks guys.

Paper Mache Artist Scott
Let me introduce Stollween.com where I found this awesome paper clay recipe. Scott is a paper mache artist living and creating in the States. Here are a few of his important links; I know you will enjoy his work as much as I do.

In the how to video I make a very large batch of paper clay but here I break down the recipe into a more manageable size just for you. 

Paper Clay Recipe Ingredients and Mixing

You will need a large bowl and electric mixer to blend your stuff.
White Flour (non rising or rising)
Liquid Corn Starch
White Glue
Ready Made Drywall Joint Compound
Cellulose fiber insulation

If you do not have the starch or glue you can use the simple Paste Recipe that which is flour, water, and a dash of salt.

Also in this video I am making a big batch of clay for the studio but this article contains measurements for a smaller batch of clay.

Step 1
Your paste recipe is 3 cups of flour + 1/2 cup of liquid starch + 1/2 cup of white glue. Combine these ingredients into your large bowl; use enough warm water (approx. 1.5 cups) to mix your stuff into a thin paste like thin cake batter.

Step 2
Add approximately one cup joint compound to your mix. Mix the paste and joint compound thoroughly together.

Step 3
Now you can start mixing cellulose fiber insulation into the paste, keep adding fiber until the mixture is a firm and workable consistency.

Take some clay in your hands and roll it into a ball, your clay should retain its shape without any separating.
Awesome Clay

Now we are going to dive right into this new medium and see what all we can create. I hope that this video can be a resource for you in your home studio. Thank you for stopping by the studio and  have a great day.

Quick tip: the most popular paper clays to purchase are Activa Celluclay and Creative Paperclay both available online but can be pricey, so homemade is a great option.

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