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The Best Paper Mache Paste Recipe 2 Use

Paper Mache Paste Recipe

mixingHands down this is the best paper mache paste recipe to create all your paper mache projects. It is non toxic and requires no cooking, which I love the most. You can easily get it out or your clothes and it is easy clean up.
With these 3 ingredients you could furnish and decorate your entire home for pennies. Yes, you can make furniture with this same awesome recipe that will last for years and hold up guest.

Paste Ingredients

1 Cup Flour
2 Cups Cool Water
Pinch of Salt

Pour all your ingredients into a bowl and mix them together whisk.  It should be a creamy mixture not 2 watery; you will soon find the right consistency.

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You can make just what you need by following this rule.

Always use 1 part flour, and 2 part water and always a pinch of salt.

This is your new awesome homemade paper mache paste recipe. Use this recipe to dip your recycled newspaper strips in and watch as your armature hardens like rocks.

What are you waiting on; make something beautiful for yourself today.

Enjoy and keep creating!

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