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How to Make Beautiful Eco Friendly Beads From Recycled Newspaper

How to Make Beautiful Eco Friendly Beads From Recycled Newspaper

I love finding ways to turn everyday items into whimsical creations. This paper mache project is easy and fun to make for all ages. You can use your beads for prayer beads, necklaces, key chains, and bookmarks. I am sure you will come up with a few ideals yourself.

I love the natural earthy look the beads have, you can leave them plain or paint them with awesome colors. Either way be sure and seal them with a varnish.

What better way to treat yourself or a friend than to make something so beautiful that costs close to NOTHING!

How do you make beautiful beads from recycled newspaper? Most papers will work just fine from book and copy papers to newspaper, and junk mail.
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Creating The Paper Mache Beads

1. Prepare by gathering your recycled paper

2. Rip the paper into small pieces

3 . Put the pieces of newspaper in a large stock pot; or submerge the torn paper into a bowl of hot water and let them soak for a good 24 hours

4. Pour enough boiling water over the paper to cover

5. Let your paper sit for a couple of hours

6. Stir the paper to help break it down a bit

7 . Drain as much water out of the paper as you can (you want the water out)

8. Add enough glue to the paper to help it hold together in a ball shape (any glue that is clear when dry) be sure and mix the paper and paste together well, use an old blender if you can

9. Pinch out bits of pulp and roll the paper into round balls being sure to squeeze out as much moisture as you can while rolling (any size you would like)

10. Place them in a sunny spot to dry for a few days, rolling them every several hours, until they are completely dry (cookie sheet lined with wax paper works well for drying and you can move your beads if necessary)
Drying time is slower in the colder climates so just be sure to check before you start your painting.

11. Sand each bead down with a bit of sandpaper to remove rough edges

12. Drill a hole in each bead that is big enough for the material that you want to string them with

Decorating The Recycled Beads

1. Put a couple of tea spoons paint and a couple of tea spoons of water CIMG0111inside an old plastic container. Mix them all together and sprinkle in a hand full of beads. This will help cover the bead completely.

This process can be repeated with a numerous amount of color be sure to let them dry between each coat.  Great trick I got from Green Guide For Artists by Karen Michel.

2. Remove the beads and let them completely dry.

3. You can embellish the beads anyway you like. Then seal with varnish for a shine. You Must Seal these beads to prevent critters from eating them and molding.

Note: They must be sealed with varnish to keep.

There are numerous ways to share your beads or perhaps sell your beads. Whatever the out come you will still be expressing yourself beautifully.

There is an endless amount of supplies to thread your beads with at your local craft store. If you have old fabric you can cut into ribbon size strips and thread through your newly created beads. Do a simple Google or yahoo search and you will see some beautiful hand made paper mache beads from around the world.
Thanks for your time enjoy your beads!

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