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Bogey Jr. for Christmas

Happy Christmas, everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

With all the cheer and holiday madness I have neglected to post my latest commissioned piece, so lets just skip to it.

Bogey at Rhondas
This is Bogey a beloved Yorky, he is just adorable. Bogey was a delight to work on and a challenge. The photos are the same dog just different ages. Come to find out Bogey’s black has become grey.

I used the same style putting together Bogey Jr. as the Wow sculpture.

The body parts separately layered with news strips. While I created the head and body with balloons, I believe 9”. Then layered with strips. I assembled the entire armature and begin taping it in place. I surrounded myself with Bogey pictures and other Yorky photos to guide my hand.

Bogey 5 copy

I used paper clay to create the fur, I generously applied clay and swirled the clay around with a butter knife until I was ecstatic with the look, I did get carried away. His ears are made of cardboard and news strips to give a softer texture. I gave the fur around his mouth the most attention, I really wanted the effect of hanging fur. With the help of my talented Daughter, Madison, I believe the effect was created.


Pleased to say that I did finish in time for Christmas and was able to deliver Bogey Jr. although the snow and cold this year did slow down my dry time.


Bogey and Bogey Jr. spend their first Christmas together with their beautiful MOM!


Thank you for your time and I wish you a great NEW YEAR!!