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Paper Mache Tea Time

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Paper Mache Tea Time

Papier-Mache tea cups make very tasteful ornaments to brighten up sideboards and dressers.

Each tea cup is hand-built from layer upon layer of recycled newsprint. I grabbed one of my little tea cups and applied Vaseline to the inside and began laying the stripes along the cup, swapping directions as I worked to strengthen the cup.

insidecup1Once it dries I easily removed it from the cup, I apply a stripe of newsprint over the rim to create a smooth edge and leave once again for drying.

Once the tea cup is completely dried I prep my surface with gesso, then sand the surface to get a smoother cup.
Each tea cup is then painted with bright acrylics and sealed with print 2clear polyacrylic for extra protection.

Similar in size to a real teacup, they'll be quite a talking point at any tea party.

Teacups vary in dimension and range between 13-17cm wide, measured across their saucer. Complete height ranges between 4cm-7.5cm.


The tea cups are a pleasure to create yet quite time consuming, so I will only create these in the future as custom orders.

Smiles and Roses,