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Art Over Load X 3


First, our WOW #3 is coming along nicely, I attached the ears and strengthened the ears near the head. I find that here is the only possible problem area.


After Wow finishes drying I will place strips around the ears to cover the clay and add more strength. I have lost hours of work for not doing more to strengthen my pieces. So, now I put extra effort into every pieces.

Secondly, I have once again pulled out a sculpture I began three years ago. This is a Christmas gift that I am working on due by December 25.

He is made in the spirit of Droopy, my favorite cartoon dog. I am slowing apply clay to the armature, turning as I go so the bottom will dry, and then I can more to the top. I have had to make minor repairs, as he sat to long waiting on me. I can’t wait to see how he will turn out.
11.24.2010 011

Thirdly, I have applied all the clay and strips to my cat and she is ready for gesso for a good base coat and painting. I am afraid that she will not be started until next week but it won’t be long. I am working on an tutorial demonstrating the creation of my cat with step by step instructions. I find that life size art is most satisfying.

11.24.2010 019

As you can see I have several sculptures underway, for the holidays I will have to mentally let go of it all and EAT SWEETS!

Smiles and Roses!