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10 Common Dough Clay Questions or Facts

Dough Clay Questions or Facts

Dough clay examples
Let me try to answer any questions that you may have concerning making and baking your dough clay.
1. Sticky Dough
Sticky dough causes shapes to run together so that shapes are not well defined when baked. Also, sticky dough is very hard to form into shapes because it doesn't want to leave your fingers. Just add flour to stiffen it up.

2. Stiff Dough
Stiff dough will crack when baking, and is difficult to shape. Add water, just a few drops at a time, until it is workable.

3. Puffy Baked Dough
If your dough clay puffs up while baking, air is usually the problem and cut edges seem to allow air in.

Size can cause puffy dough when bake; keep the thickness under1/2 inch. Use a pin to punch tiny tiny holes in the thickest area, if you need to.

4. Hand rolling and shaping will also help to eliminate air pockets in your sculptures.

5. Does this dough shrink or crack? Your dough will shrink and I have found that if I make very thick pieces, it can crack on the surface. It works very similar to sugar cookies. I use Elmer glue to fill any cracks that I find before I paint my pieces.

6. Can you use food coloring for color? Yes, I like adding color to my pieces. Usually I separate some from the patch and add coloring to water and knead it into my clay.

7. Does this clay go bad? Yes, it will if not kept in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

8. Can you eat the dough clay? No, it is non toxic dough clay, but it is not meant for eating. 

9. Will my pieces set outside in a garden? No, they will not last in the weather, such as rain, snow, etc.

10. Will my dough clay pieces break? Yes, if not handled with care they can break and over time it will weaken.

That's it Guys

You will love the versatility of dough clay and find it is so very easy to use. If you have any questions please just ask and I will do my best to answer.

Thank you for stopping by today come visit again real soon.

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