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How to Create a Worm with Dough Clay

Dough clay is a very versatile and inexpensive medium that kids love getting their hands into. The can learn measurement, mixing, and molding with a little salt, flour, and water.
How to Create a Worm with Dough Clay

It is good clean fun for all ages.

Dough Clay Worm on a Leaf


Sculpting Design
You will use nine pieces of clay to create your little worm on a leaf. It is important to knead the dough in your hands as you make the design to push out any air pockets that could cause cracking.
Creating the dough clay leaf
1. Leaf: Roll a ball of dough about the size of a silver dollar for the leaf. This will be done on your cookie sheet. On thick clay pieces you can take a small needle to make small holes to release any air pockets.
Knead, press, mold, and roll out into your basic leaf shape. Take a tooth pick and create leaf lines.
You can also use a straw to make a hole in the leaf for decorating your Christmas tree this year. The color would look fabulous on your tree, just saying.

creating the worm for the leaf2. Worm: Roll out balls for the worm body, slightly wet the balls to attach to the leaf and connect the worm body. The ball for the head is rolled slightly smaller than the rest and small tentacles are placed on the head of the worm.
You can make this worm and leaf as big or small as you like. The size shown in the workshop is quick and simple.

Baking Your Design or Air Dry
Painting the leaf and worm with acrylic paints
Bake your little worm at your lowest temperature setting 140 degrees for 120 minutes. Bake your worm slowly to prevent bad cracking and puffing.
You can set your worm in the sun to dry and this will take estimate 24 hours, depending on the size of your worm.
 After your piece has dried you can fill any cracks with Elmer's glue and then paint.

Painting & Varnishing
After the designs are baked and cooled you are ready to paint. Use acrylic paint or food color to paint your dough clay worm and let them dry completely.
Varnish 3 to 4 layers to seal out moisture; you can buy varnish in satin, gloss, or semi gloss. You can brush it on or buy a spray can
You can even use Elmer's glue to seal (several coats).
Finished dough clay worm on a leafSummary
We so enjoyed sharing one approach to creating dough clay worm on a leaf, that are too cute and could be made into Christmas ornaments.
I hope you have been inspired to create something with dough clay today and we would love to see photos.
Thank you for stopping by the studio and have a great day.
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