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How to Make a Simple Dough Clay Snowman

Simple Dough Clay Snowman

Simple Dough Clay SnowmanIn this workshop we are going to make the cutest little snowman all from dough clay.

If you have not used that recipe it is on our channel run over watch the video and get back over here to begin.

Step by Step Round Snowman

To begin knead your dough in your hand real well to push out all the air pockets and this will help prevent cracking.

snowm nose1. Roll your dough into a ping pong size ball to begin, you can see here from my examples, which will be the base.

From there you will make two smaller balls one for the torso and one for the head. The head will be the smallest.

 To assemble them together take a little water and wet the dough, the water will work as glue.

3. The nose is a tiny tear drop shape. 

4. Buttons are a tiny pinches of dough flatted into a disk and placed on front of your snowman with a small amount of water.

5. Use copper wire or paper clip for the hanger to hang on your tree. Use the wire for the arms or paint these on after drying.

Remember you can use a pin in the thickest parts to create pin holes to prevent puffing.

Simple Dough Clay SnowmanBaking Your Design

Bake your little snowman at 200 degrees for 120 minutes. Bake your little snowman slowly to prevent bad cracking and puffing.

Painting & Varnishing

After the designs are baked and cooled you are ready to paint. The body of this snowman was left natural and color was added to the face and buttons.

Varnish 2 to 3 layers to seal out moisture; you can buy varnish in satin, gloss, or semi gloss. After your varnish has dried your ready to add your ribbon and hang on your tree.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Work Too

cookie snowman 1You can also make a snowman with a cookie cutter. Roll your dough out about 1/4 inch thick and cut like a cookie. Bake or air dry and paint as you would any design. Just be sure to seal any dough art you create.

I hope you enjoyed this workshop and it sparks some creativity in you, please like this video before you leave.

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