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How 2 Make Monster Inc. Mike with Paper Mache or Paper Clay

Paper Mache Clay Mike

finished Mike characterTo create your Mike Monster you can use the paper mache paste recipe or the paper mache clay recipe, it is totally up to you.

In the video I use homemade paper mache clay for the final to coverage of Mike, it is much faster than covering with 14 or more layers of paper mache strips.

Although the paper mache strips are perfectly fine to use and will dry hard as a rock.

Now let's get those creative juices flowing.

Adding details and painting MikeHere is a brief list of things we will use, you are not limited to this list use whatever works for you.

Recycled newspaper

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Plastic bag & Tape

Paper Mache Paste

Paper Mache Clay

Acrylic paints, brushes

Polycrylic Varnish

Paper Mache Recipe

Paper Clay Recipe

And a Smile


How 2 Make Your Monster Mike Armature

To begin we are going to make a Mike armature from our recyclables. Creating each body part and then taping them all together to form Mike.

building armature1. Legs are built with 6 empty toilet paper rolls, placed slightly in side of each other and taped at the joints. Slightly bend the tubes at the knee area, for effect only.

2. Feet are cut out of recycled cardboard. Make one foot and use it for a guide to make the other foot.

3. Arms are built with empty toilet paper rolls as well, placed together and taped where needed. The paper mache strips hold everything together.

4. Hands are built by rolling up newspaper. First I fold a full sheet into a triangle and from the end begin rolling the paper up into a long tight tube. Also bend his fingers for a realistic look.

armature mike5. Cut the torso shape out of recycle cardboard and place into a kitchen 13 gallon plastic garbage bag. Wad up newspaper and stuff around the cardboard top, bottom and sides. Use tape to shape and form his torso filled with newspaper stuffing.

Make little holes in your bag to release the air while stuffing, smooshing and taping.

6. Add Mike's horns: You can use newspaper by rolling up newspaper and shaping into horn. You can also use cardboard by cutting into horn shape. (I almost forget his horns while videoing the steps for you, oops.)

Just A Note: Watching the video will aid explaining these steps.


7. Cover the armature with 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) of your homemade clay and then set this aside and let it completely dry.

Adding details to your Armature Mike

Adding details to your Armature 1. Create the outline for the eye and mouth by rolling out clay into a noodle. Place the rolled clay noodle in place on Mike's face.

You can also do this by rolling newspaper and then adding paper mache strips over the rolls.

We are just giving it a 3D look and feel for effect.

2. Sand your Mike down so he is smooth or leave Monster rough. (Optional) Add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso. Sand again if needed at this stage.

painting feet3. Add your color to your Mike and let it all dry again. I use acrylic paints and brushes to create my whimsical character. The body was painted with spring green as a base to work from and darker green for the shading. We used a touch of yellow for the horns and toe nail high lighting.

4. Cover the entire Monster with poly acrylic varnish and let this completely dry. I use Minwax Polycrylic to seal most art. This seal is not meant to water proof your piece.

Your Finished Monsters Inc. Mike

finished mike 1The Monsters are really cute and you are going to enjoy seeing your Mike come together.

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