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Flower Power from Your Old Magazines


paper coverHow 2 Up-cycle Your Magazine Rubbish Into Flowers

I love love love this workshop because it's easy, versatile and can be enormously low budget.

Give handmade flower to your special someone this Valentines.

Start out with one magazine page.
Fold diagonally corner to corner to create a large triangle. Cut or tear off the magazine to make a square.

Fold the corners up to the peak of the triangle, press your crease.

Then lay open your fold, please watch video for clarification.

flower powerSqueeze the creases created by fold 1, towards the folds of fold 2.

Fold the top corners down to create a straight edge again. These can be folded to the outside or inside. Fold the outside edge in towards the inside fold.

Apply double sided tape, glue, or anything sticky to the edge of flower and bring both sides together.

I Make 5 of these and stick together with double sided, glue or whatever and tape to create a flower.

You can add a stem by rolling up two sheets of magazine and gluingPICT7024 (2) in the middle of the five.

Here, I made a few flowers cutting the original pieces of 2×2 paper with pinking shears to give them a different texture.

Ideals for your paper petals:
Sheet Music
Vintage Paper
Wrapping Paper

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by the studio.

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