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Little Dough Clay Angel Ornaments for Your Christmas tree

handmade dough clay angelsWhile searching Google for creative inspiration I happened across this lovely Artist who enjoys working with Clay Dough as much as I do. 
It will take some time to pour over her excellent tutorials. Today I have taken one and created several angels for my Sunday School Party (the ladies loved them).

How to Make Your Angels

making angels body1. You guys will need a batch of dough clay before you start, the recipe can be found here: http://youtu.be/Dlgqef_ohuM
2. You will need a cookie sheet in an easy to grab place close by. Roll out your dough about a 1/4 inch thick (0.635 cm).
If you have a moon shape cookie cutter you can cut out several and lay onto your cookie sheet. If not then use a round cup to create your moon shape as seen in the workshop. Leave room for two rows of angels.
3. To create the body of your angel you will cut a triangle.  Using a decorative edge make a straight line for the bottom of your angel from one end of your clay to the other.
How to Make Your AngelsYou can cut triangles with a knife or use the end of a heart shape cookie cutter. You will take your triangle and lay onto your angel wings. Use a drop of water to connect your pieces, the water acts like glue for our clay.
You Can Dough This
4. Take a straw to make a hole in the top of your wings for adding a ribbon to hang onto the Christmas tree or anywhere. These angels are not limited to Christmas; they make great gifts all year long.
5. Roll a ball of dough clay into a egg shape for her head. Place at the top of the triangle where the wings meet with a small drop of water.
PIC_01916. Make hair for your angel with a strainer or roll out small noodles to place on her head. Remember to attach with a small drop of water, use your finger and rub some on.
Ok, so you have the wings, body, head, and hair all together. Your Angel is beginning to take shape by now, how exciting.
7. Make small hearts, stars, roses, little shapes to accent her dress and hair. These small details add so much to your Angels. As a matter of fact they give her personality.

Drying Your Dough Clay Angels

Once you Angels are completely assembled and just the way you want, you will need to bake or air dry them.
Bake your angels in a conventional oven for at least 6 hours on 200 degrees. If you find your Angels are not completely dry leave them in longer.
Your Angels must be completely dried before you begin painting and sealing them.

Painted angelReady for Our Angel Painting Workshop

This is the end of this little workshop; please follow the links to watch the Angel Painting Workshop.
How to Paint Your Dough Angel Ornaments: http://youtu.be/yfXFZ_clvp4
Thank you for stopping by the studio; I made this video to spark some creativity in you.
completed angels ready for packagingHave a great day and like this video before you leave, Merry Christmas.
You may also be interested in making gift tags with dough clay here is a link for a easy dough ideal: http://youtu.be/1A2bFlG_mWY.
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