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How 2 Make A Paper Mache Hershey Kiss

Decorate with a Homemade Kiss This Christmas

finished kissI love to eat chocolate Kisses all year long but during the holidays they are wrapped especially cute and this year they got my creative juices flowing.
You can make this kisses any size you like to give as whimsical little ornaments or large center pieces to a table.
To create you’re your kisses you will use the paper mache strip recipe which is super easy and you can find it by following my links.
Hershey Kisses are great for decorating during the holidays.

Make Your Ornament Armature

kiss armature1. First we will make our armature by crumpling up paper into a tear drop shape. I use a recycled lid as the bottom to my kiss and lots of tape to hold this together.
Cut a piece of cardboard to create your Hershey tag and add your hanger if you are making an ornament.
2. Apply 3 to 4 layers of your newspaper strips all over your armature. Let this completely dry, usually take over night.

I placed mine in the oven on VERY low heat (145) to speed up my dry time. It is perfectly safe but I recommend not leaving it.
When this as dried you will continue to add paper strips at least 10 more layers or you can use the paper mache clay recipe.
If you use the clay apply 1/4" thick layer all over your kiss and let this completely dry.
paper m kiss3. Sand your armature down nice and smooth. Add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso. Sand again if needed at this stage.
4. Add your color. I choose to paint mine like a hat but I think any color will look great. If you had time you could make lots and sit them around in all different colors. Just enjoy yourself and share the time with a friend.
When you are finished adding your color and it has dried, seal your kiss with a glossy varnish.
This will protect your holiday kiss over the years. These are really simple and great little gifts for anyone.

Here is also a great ideal from my girl friend Dee:

"I have an added idea. if you would put a small plastic cup upside down in the middle and then crumbled paper all around for the armature, Once finished, you could cut a hole from underneath that would open to the hollow of the cup. Then you could put the real kiss candy inside. You could buy rubber stopper to match the hole or a cork or anything to fill the hole again. Like a piggy bank hole. Thanks for this idea. Dee"
Hugs and Kisses This Holiday Season
hugs and kissesI do hope that you enjoy your Kiss and please post your pictures onto our Facebook Studio page.
Just let me know that this has been a help to you by liking our video, Google Plus us, or pin it to your pinterest account; thank you in advance.
Wishing You a Merry Christmas.
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