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Make Handmade One Direction Ornaments for Christmas


How to Make 1D Ornaments

Hello Directioners

cool ornaments 1DMy daughter tells me that all girls are crazy about One Direction, with that in mind, here is a cute way to hang them all over your Christmas tree this year.

You won't need much to make these ornaments, just lots of pictures of the boys and some recyclables.

The video has all the information that you need. Please do join us at our Facebook Studio Page to post you awesome handmade ornaments of 1D.


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heartFive musical artist that are taking the World by storm and happen to be my daughter's favorite little band right now.

The Members of One Direction

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson

Decorate Your Tree with One Direction

To begin you create a clean canvass to decorate by covering your metal lids with paper mache strips, use the paper mache strip recipe which is super easy. This will give you the blank canvas you need to decorate anyway you wish.

Now all the girls and guys in the world can have their own unique One Direction ornaments for their Christmas tree.

Great for decorating during the holidays.


Make Your Ornament Armature

ornament back1. First you will cover your up cycled lid with paper mache strips. We have metal lids and want to add paint and glitter our paper mache will give us a blank canvas that our decorations will adhesive to. Metal is not as user friendly as our mache.

You only need to cover the entire lid once with your strips. Let this completely dry before painting your white primer coat of paint.


I placed mine in the oven on VERY low heat (145) to speed up my dry time. It is perfectly safe but I recommend not leaving it.

2. Paint one layer of primer coat all over your ornament and let this completely dry.

Sand your ornament if you need to lightly sand off any paste do so now before adding your primer coat.

ornaments 1D4. Add your color. My daughter picked a particular color for each of the boys, but you probably want have a hard time choosing one of your very own. That is the best part, not one other girl in the world will have a One Direction ornament like yours.

Glitter; don't forget the glitter girls and ribbon to hang your ornament. You can spray your ornament with a varnish to add a high shine as well.

5. Attach a ribbon for hanging onto your Christmas tree.


Enjoy your awesome new ornaments and come visit us at Facebook Studio page and post your pictures there, we can't wait to see your unique ornaments.

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Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a special shout out to One Direction, I hope that you enjoyed our video.

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