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Up Cycle Your Cans into Lanterns for Christmas

Let Your Light Shine

let your light shineAre you teens looking for something to make for Mom and Dad this year will you are going to love this inexpensive gift ideal(I hope).

As a Mother my favorite gifts at Christmas are the gifts made by my daughter's special little hands. She would not want me telling you that because she thinks she is all grown up.

Steps for You

nail heartAfter emptying out your can, be sure to save your can for this quick and easy craft for the holidays.

1. Clean you tin can before you begin.

2. Fill your tin with 1/2 Sand and 1/2 Water. The Sand will keep the can from busting at the seams.

3. Set this in the freezer to freeze. It needs to be completely frozen to begin your work.

4. Nail Your Design. You can use stencils, or draw your own ideal on the can and then go to work.

tie ribbon5. Make a Hanger from a recycled coat hanger. You don't have to hang your lantern they look great sitting around also.

Maybe write a special little note and give as a gift to a parent, teacher, or friend.

I hope this helps spark creativity in you this holiday season, because it is always better to give then receive.

Thank you for stopping by the studio and please share our site with a friend for Christmas.

Spread Holiday Cheer

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Here is a Link to Learn about the Christmas Story and the Hope in Jesus Birth.

Let Your Light Shine

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16