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Oooops Did I Say That

Oooops Did I Say That Bloopers from the WhimsyArtist

pup meOpening the doors of our families' art studio has been a challenging and rewarding experience.
Balancing my schedule to include the extra time in the studio has pushed my organizations skills to new heights, which they needed improving.
As you may have guest from watching my how 2 videos, I am not a gifted teacher.
whimsy artist and familyI am a simple woman who has worked hard with her family, always tried to do the right thing, knows that dogs are people 2 and loves (needs) to create art in the studio to be myself.
Learning to let go and be comfortable in front of the camera is not a gift so I have a collection of funny bloopers you may enjoy. Thank you for being a part of the whimsy-iest studio on the internet, we look forward to having you as permanent guest by subscribing to our YouTube Channel and more….
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https://www.facebook.com/WhimsyArtist "This is probably one of the best avenues to conversant and share with me and the studio."
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