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How 2 Make A Lil Monkey Face for Your Wall

finished monkeyIt's pretty easy, I believe it is something that you all can do and enjoy. To hang on the wall you can glue a picture hanger to the back of your monkey face.

To create your whimsy Monkey craft you can use the paper mache strip recipe or the paper mache clay recipe, it is totally up to you.  Both recipes are posted under the How 2 Recipe Playlist, on the right hand side bar.

Paper Mache & Clay Monkey

In the video how 2, I use clay to finish our Monkey face and I explain how to finish only using the paper strips and paste.



Monkey See Monkey Do

cut outYour Material List

Recycled newspaper & cardboard

Plastic bag


Paper Mache Paste

Paper Mache Clay

Acrylic paints, brushes


And a Smile

Make Your Armature

1. First we will make our armature by cutting a piece of cardboard from a recyclable to use as the back of your mask. I sketched the face outline on paper and then transferred to cardboard, you could blow up a coloring book page of a monkey face if you are not ready to draw free hand.

monkey faceStart by wading up newspaper and placing this onto your cardboard. Keep adding paper to his face building up the shape of his face.

2. Apply 3 layers of your newspaper strips and let this completely dry.

Placing it in the oven on low heat will speed up your dry time and it is perfectly safe but I recommend not leaving it.

3. Clay or Strip

Now you can cover your armature in paper mache clay, about 1/4 inch thick all over.

Or option 2 is to cover with 15 to 20 layers of recycled newsprint and let this completely dry. The more layers you apply the harder the sculpture will be.

Both recipe links are at the top of the article or in the side bar.

4. Sand your Monkey down so he or she is nice and smooth. Add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso. Sand again if needed at this stage.

base coat5. Add your color to your Monkey and let it all dry again. I use acrylic paints to paint all of my paper mache sculptures and then I seal with a clear coat.

6. Cover the entire Monkey with poly acrylic varnish and let this completely dry. (Minwax Polycrylic)

Your Finished Whimsy Monkey

The monkey face is really cute and simple to make, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them here or join us on our Facebook Studio Page.

Always great to have you visit the "whimsy-est" studio on the internet.

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