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How 2 Make a Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Handmade Tea Cup Pin Cushion

materials at a glance  1We are going to make a Smart Girl pincushion using a recyclable tea cup and scrap fabric. You can find all kinds of cute cups at a thrift store to create your pincushion.

Your project budget won't even feel this one and your girlfriends will love them.

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Follow Me on PinterestI picked up my teacup at Goodwill for .49 cents and used scrap fabric in the studio.  For the teacup cushion I cut the circle of fabric about double larger than the cup. 


Quick Steps 2 Follow


You Will Need

1 Vintage Tea Cup

1 Fabric




Hot glue Gun or cement glue


250x250 Independence Day Coupon Special - Ends July 4th1. Measure your cup and double your measurement to cut your fabric circle. You can use a round plate that is close to the size you need for a template, you do not have to be exact.

The first one I cut was too small.

2. Baste stitch around the edge, leaving long tails at the start and finish.

3. Pull your long ends on one side to gather into a pouch.

4. Stuff the pouch with your Polyfill. The firmer you stuff it, the more rounded your cushion.

5. Run a line of hot glue around the bottom of your tea cup and press your stuffed cushion inside of the cup and hold for a few seconds, allowing for the glue to dry.

This is a really Cool, quick and easy little project. I think that girls of all ages would enjoy making these for their friends or Mother, Grandmother, aunts, you name it.

I hope that you find this little tip fun and useful, thanks for stopping by the whimsy-iest studio on the internet.

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