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Easy Paper Mache 4th of July Craft 4 YOU

napkin ringsPaper Mache is a really cheap way to decorate for the 4th and a quick craft you can do with your kids in day. (Rushing dry time)
If this is your first time working with paper mache you will find it is very easy and rewarding. This 4th of July Craft is great for any age group and perfect for beginners.

Come into the studio and watch a live demonstration created to help you make your own whimsical Napkin Rings for this 4th of July.

How 2 Make Paper Mache Napkin

things needed1. Cut your recycled toilet paper rolls in half, giving you 2 (2") napkin rings from one tp roll.
2. Take each half roll and cover with 8 layers of paper mache strips. Let these newspaper strips completely dry before you add any paint. For the paper mache strip recipe click the link.
paper mache nr3. Sand any rough edge or dried paste off your napkin rings and wipe clean.
You are ready to decorate your napkin rings anyway you like.
Use acrylic paints on your rings and seal your rings with a clear varnish to protect their finish and give them a nice shine.
You could use these for a girl luncheon and write your friends names on their napkin rings and give out as party favors.

My 4th of July Craft

I prepared two sets of napkin rings; one I love covering in the Sunday Funnies. The Prayer I share with you my Mother taught me as a child, I only wish I could have shared these with her.

I gave the second set a big blue star and awesome red stripes in honor of our Country's upcoming birthday. "God Bless America".

A Touch of Grace
God is great
God is good
Let us thank him for our food
By His hands we all are fed
Give us Lord our daily bread.

As always thank you for visiting the whimsies studio on the internet I looking forward to seeing you soon. Keep Creating.
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