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How To Make A Phantom Masquerade Mask Out Of Paper Mache

If you have never worked with paper mache this is a great beginner's project. Paper mache is very easy to work with at any age, very inexpensive and can be completed within a couple days.how to make a paper mache mask

Super Easy Mask

Watch the "How 2 Make A Mask Video" on our YouTube Channel to answer any questions you may have.

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Create Your Masquerade Mask Armature

First, you will need a work space where you can leave your mask to sit over night and dry. You will need to prepare your paper strips and paper mache paste for stripping. Tear your newspaper into 1.2" inch strips and make your paste

Start by blowing up your 9" balloon to use as your mask armature. 

eyesYou will dip each strip into the paste and slide the strip between your fingers to knock off the excessive paste. Place your wet strips onto your balloon and rub out any air bubbles; you want it nice and tight against the balloon.

Lay three to four layers of strips to create your mask armature, and then set it aside to dry completely over night.

Then next day your mask will be completely dry, now add 20 more layers of paper mache strips to your mask armature. I thin out the strips toward the edges of my mask so it is easy to cut later. I cut an inch off around the edge after all my newspaper layers are dry.


phantom 1Set this aside and let it dry completely, it is important that it is dry. You will have to give this a full day to dry inside. You cannot put your balloon outside to dry because it will pop on you.

These layers will dry and you will have a rock solid mask. The mask will be approximately 1/4" thick.


Creating Your Masquerade Mask

primer coat 1Cut your mask down to the size you would like, leaving a nice clean edge. Again strip the edge to give it a nice finish look. 

I like to draw my eyes to get placement and work from there to create the holes. I drilled my holes after the mask was completely dry. You can just mark on your balloon to leave as holes and not cover them with strips but I like to use power tools.

Tear small strips of news paper to lay over all the rough edges for a nice finished look.

Prime Your Mask Canvas

I use Gesso to prime my mask surface for adding acrylic paints. You can use white paint as well, it shouldn't hurt a thing.

Painting Your Masquerade Mask

finished maskAll the paint that I use is acrylic.

After your painted mask face has completely dried, you can add a clear coat of acrylic varnish for protection and shine.

Add your bright ribbon and enjoy your masquerade ball.

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Mask Materials and Recipe

Materials Need

9" Balloon

News paper strips

Paste (flour, water, & salt)

Acrylic Paints and Brushes



Paper Mache Paste Recipe

1 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Flour All Purpose Self Rising

Dash of Salt

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl until creamy, not too creamy.


In the United States all these ingredients can be picked up easily, I do hope that is the case where you live and it is so nice to welcome you here.


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