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Cute DIY Ideal 4 Father's Day

recycle suppliesWhat you need for your homemade gift you probably already have around the house such as a bottle of Elmer's glue, brush, and a recyclable glass jar.
Oh, I did spray my Father's day jar with gloss varnish to brighten the colors on the Sunday Funnies.

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Jazzy Up Your Father's Day

You can laugh at recycling with the Sunday Funnies and jazzy up your old spaghetti jars for organizing all kinds of things around the house.

Great Father's Day Gift Ideals 4 Your Recycled Jar:

pen holderVase
Change Holder
Pencil Holder
Tooth Brush
Q Tips
Golf Tees

Easy Steps 2 Follow

pick you pictTear your paper into small pieces and cover both sides with Elmer's Glue. Start around the rim and completely cover. Set this aside to dry.
Secondly, cover the bottom with paper and let this dry. Then fill in the middle of your jar with your newspaper pieces and let this dry before your spray your coat of varnish.

You will be working in stages because the paper will slip and slide and your hands will get sticky. After completing the two here recycle jars in the video I think it will work best. Post your finds so we can all learn from your experience.


working hands

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