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Recycle A Baby Sweater With Simplicity Pattern 2755

How 2 Recycle a Baby Sweater into a Dog Sweater

baby sweaters for recyclingRecycling a Baby sweater can be a great treat for you and your dog.  You can always keep your old sweaters and recycle them as well otherwise goodwill is good for this or a friend with a bag clothes to give away.
I have chosen to use Simplicity Pattern # 2755, I picked it up at my local Hobby Lobby during their .99 Simplicity pattern sale, limit 10. Simplicity crafts have a Go Green Collection for Dog Clothes which I love.
This is a easy beginner pattern with simple stitch patterns and shaping.

Simplicity Pattern 2755 Review

dog sweater pattern The pattern comes with a guide for sewing each design on the pattern, and this pattern comes with five unique designs.
The pattern offers three size choices extra small, small, and medium. I have cut out the extra small for our dog Pocahontas.
Each size comes on a large sheet of tissue paper neatly folded inside. You will need to cut these pieces apart, which makes them easier to handle. Cut around each piece, just outside the solid line throw away the tissue that is left over.
Very Nice Packaging
cb and sweatersEach pattern pieces is clearly marked with names as front, back, and sleeve to help us. Included in the directions are illustrations to the left of the each steps, giving you a picture that helps to clarify the instructions.
Very Easy 2 Follow
Deciding What Size 2 Use For Your Dog
body sweaterMeasure your dog along the back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This measurement is the length and is often the size of the garment. As a general rule of thumb for selecting dog clothes the length is most important.

Be sure to give your dog a treat for his labor of love.

Compare these measurements to the sizes of the pattern and you’ll easily be able to choose with size is right for your pooch.

How 2 Use Your Pattern

Here is what you are going to need to recycle your baby sweater.
Simplicity Pattern 2755
Sewing Machine
Thread & Needle
Straight Pens
Recycled Baby Sweaters

sweater piecesCut your sweaters apart at the seams and cut the sleeve out. You will lay down the sweater and lay your pattern out and pin it down. Now just cut your pattern out of the sweater.

Take the front and the back pieces, with the right sides facing, and move to the sewing machine to sew the shoulders.

cutting sleeve outYou don't have to use the sleeves but I have for this demonstration. So now pin the sleeves into place and sew onto the body.

Now you are ready to sew the sleeves together and down the side of your sweater.

That's it your finished and now your dog can sport their new handmade sweater.

Our Finished Recycled Sweater

Pocahontas is our 12 years old rescue designer mutt and will modeling our finished dog sweater. I used two recycled baby sweaters to create my one fabulous dog sweater.
I love this pattern and do recommend it to you.
happy pokeI hope that this inspires you to recycle a baby sweater for your dog today. Please post any ideals and questions that you might have here at the studio.
Thanks for stopping by the Art Studio, see you next trip.
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