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How 2 Measure You Dog 2 Make A Pattern

Use this simple pattern you can create endless variations of styles for your pooches giving them a whole new wardrobe for pennies. A Stylish New Wardrobe for Pennies... 

To make a clothing pattern for your dog you will need to measure your dog in a couple of places and write down all your measurements. 

If you can get your dog to stand straight up look ahead; awesome. Grab a soft measuring tape and begin.

How 2 Measure Your Dog

1. Measure down the length of the back Measure the dog along the back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This measurement is the length and is often the size of the garment.

2.  Measure around the Chest or girth. This is the widest part of the body around the rib cage and right behind their front legs. If your dog has a great big chest you may consider purchasing one size larger for comfort.   Also measure his underside length from collar to his business end + 1 inch

3. Measure the distance between his front legs.

4. Measure around the neck. Measure their neck like you would for buying a collar allowing a bit for a comfortable fit. This is the widest part of their neck and placing 2 fingers under the measuring tape will ensure a comfortable fit.

5. Measure around the legs. This can come in handy for adding sleeves, the more you learn.

Be sure to give your dog a treat for her labor of love.
  Pocahontas is the face of Sensibledogs.com and I will be using her sweet little measurements for my examples. We are going to start simple and practice.    

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