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Paper Clay Dog Sculpture for Muttville on Main 2011

Paper Mache Dog Art Sculpture for a Dog Friendly Chattanooga


muttvilleI had the great honor today to participate in Muttville on Main in Chattanooga,TN where dog friendly organizations, rescue groups, artist and businesses come together to show their love and support for the animals that live and work in Chattanooga.  


Chattanooga has also given the opportunity to pet lovers all over to come and strut their stuff on Main Street in their parade to help bring pet awareness to the community. You will love the video I took of the parade.

I choose to take my Bassett Hound paper clay sculpture to represent the Dog Sculptures I do for Chattanooga pet lovers.


It was a great day for a parade and fellowship with dog lovers on the Southside Chattanooga all over the Southeast area.


bassettThousands visit MUTTVILLE, and I hope to get lots of ART exposure. We have McKamey, HES, Pet Placement, Wally's, Southern Maltese Rescue, Choo Choo Dog Camp, For the Love of Dogs, Vet2Go Mobile Vet Services, Sue Scruggs, attorney specializing in animal law, and a rescue for giant breed dogs, East Tennessee Animal Alliance - an educational group teaching about spaying and neutering, Hot Dawg Pet Center, and Chelsea's Choice - a vendor who makes beautiful leashes and collars. We also will have Cynthia West Trundle - CyndiTPets, a pet photographer, and Andrea Killebrew, representing Groomingdales and Bone App├ętit.


A great lineup for our community!


I can not wait to prepare for next year’s Muttville on Main and look forward to working with DOGood for a Dog Friendly Chattanooga in the future. Thank you again Karen for inviting me to participate and show my love for dogs and animals of all kinds.