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Dog Bed and Dog Bone Give A Way for Christmas

In late October I published, “DIY Handmade Dog Bed Without Sewing” and “How to Make a Dog Bone Ornament for Christmas”, offering a give away that everyone was invited to participate. You simply had to like the article and join our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/WhimsyArtist.
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First the Winner for the Handmade Dog Bed
Mariel Olandag
Second the Winner of the Handmade Dog Bone Ornament
Sue Keener
Congratulations Mariel and Sue, and thank you everyone who participated in this give away.
The dog bed and the dog bone are stuffed with fluff and made of soft fleece fabric, just a small way to love on your dog this Christmas.
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Whimsy Artist
Give Away Drawing November 27, 2011