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How 2 Make Candle Lanterns With Tissue Paper

Using the versatile art medium Paper Mache I am going to walk you through creating your own beautiful translucent paper lanterns.

You will find creating your lantern is fun, inexpensive, and super duper easy.

You can use your paper mache lantern to decorate parties, showers, and wedding. You can leave out the candle and use as a center piece filling it with candle or dried flowers.

Paper Mache Tissue Lantern

What You Will Need:
Tissue paper
Paper Mache Paste Recipe
Wire for hanging

Grab tissue paper from the Store in any light color you wish. Get one pack with at least 6 tissue papers inside. I have chosen hot pink tissue to create my first lantern.

Steps 2 Follow

clip_image001To prepare take your tissue paper and rip into ½ to 1 inch strips. Do this by laying the tissue on a counter; hold the tissue in place and start ripping your strips. Do this to minimum of six large sheets of tissue. Set your strips aside to make your paper mache mixture; ½ cup flour, stir in 1 cup of water, and pinch of salt.
clip_image002Blow up your balloon, rest your balloon in any recyclable container you have, because as you add tissue strips the balloon will start to move around. Cover your balloon with 4 to 5 layers, you will not need to cover your entire balloon. Plan on cutting an inch or 2 off the top of the lantern.

After the balloon is covered with tissue strip layers, set it aside to dry completely. This will take six to eight hours, I leave mine over night. Do not place your balloon in full sun because it will pop on you.
clip_image003You are ready to pop and remove the balloon. Trim the top of your paper lantern down to the strongest point.
I use a hole puncher to make two holes on opposite sides of the lantern to hold a wire hanger. Now insert wire through your holes and curl the end of the wire to prevent it from slipping out. You are done with lantern construction and ready to light your tea candle.
Just a few tips:
I covered my balloon with six sheets of ripped tissue and I recommend using 12 sheets or more of tissue for a stronger made lantern, suitable for a young group. Also younger children get bored with the long process of layering the strips over the balloon.
Watch the full video for a live demonstration on constructing a beautiful paper mache lantern you can use for all occasions.
Thank you for your time and smiles and roses to you.
Whimsy Artist Charisse