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DIY Soft Dog Bone Ornaments for a Whimsical Christmas

How to Make a Soft Dog Bone Ornament for Christmas

This is a simple little DIY project that is fun and very inexpensive to create. A half yard of fabric could make 20 or so dog bones. Below you will find bite size chunk instructions to help you along the way. The video will also show you step by step instructions for creating your Christmas Dog Bone.
How to Make a Dog Bone Ornament for Christmas
Materials needed for making this simple dog bone:
1.      Scissors
2.      Fleece Fabric
3.      Dog Bone Pattern (paper)
4.      Stuffing
5.      Sewing Pins (optional)
6.      Sewing Machine
7.      Thread
You will need a sewing machine and previous knowledge of using a sewing machine to make these simple stitches on your dog bone or you can easily hand stitch this project in 20 minutes.
You probably have enough scrape fabric laying around to make this cut little dog bone in honor of your very best friend or in our case dog pack.Hancock Fabrics Homepage
Stuffing will cost you around $3.00 at your local craft store or you can purchase at Amazon, to use the entire bag of stuffing see our “How to Make a Dog Bed.

Making a Dog Bone in Bite Size Chunks

You can adjust the size of your dog bone on the copier by enlarging dog bone to any given size you choose. I have made relatively small bones as my Christmas stocking stuffers.
1. To make the pattern grab it from our site; print and cut.  
2. You will lay the dog bone pattern on fleece fabric. Cut two pieces of fleece for your dog bone. You can change the fabric for each side or use the same. Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, they should fit perfectly.
3. Use sewing pins to prevent slippage. Once the fabric is cut remove your bone pattern.
4. Cut and Place a bright ribbon in the center; on the long side of the bone. Scotch tape will hold your ribbon in place as you sew.
Sewing Machine Work
5. Sew the bone together (close to the edge), leave a 2 inch opening. Be careful not to sew your ribbon into your side.
Sewing Tip:
When you lift the sewing machine foot off the fleece, leave the needle down in the fabric, then pivot your fleece around the curves.
We are done Sewing, remember you can stitch this dog bone by hand if you do not have a sewing machine; it is small and will go quickly.
6. Turn your bone inside out through the opening you left. Now you can stuff your dog bone, make sure the curves on the bone are fully stuffed with fluff.
7. Finish the bone by hand stitching the opening close. Start your stitch from the inside to conceal your knot. Tie off your stitch and conceal within your seam.
That’s it, Good Job; hold your dog bone up and have a giggle.
We would love to see the dog bones you are going to make this Christmas, email your photos to info@whimsypapermache.com or upload them to our Facebook Fan Page, we would love to see your there.

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