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Make Your Furry Pal A Bed This Christmas

DIY Handmade Dog Bed without Sewing

Join with me to make this whimsical handmade dog bed in time for Christmas this year. This dog bed is very easy to make and there is absolutely no sewing involved.

Materials needed for making this simple dog bed are:
1.      Scissors
2.      Fleece Fabric
3.      Dog Bed Pattern (paper)
4.      Stuffing
5.      Sewing Pins (optional)

Step by Step Dog Bed Instructions

pattern DIY Handmade Dog Bed without Sewing This is a simple DIY project that you can complete under an hour. In this video I will walk you through making your dog bed step by step.
1. Print out or make your pattern.
2. Cut out the pattern and lay your pattern on the fleece fabric. Use sewing pins to prevent slippage. Once the fabric is cut remove pattern. You will need two pieces you can cut these together or separate.
3. Go Around the edge of the fleece to cut straight lines every 1.5 inch apart, and 3.5 inches in length. Be sure to cut through both layers of fleece, this will create strips for tying knots.
4. Tie each of the cut strips into neat knots around the entire oval; leave six untied.
5. Stuff the dog bed with stuffing or use an old pillow.
6. Finish the bed off by tying the remaining strips into knots. cut2 DIY Handmade Dog Bed without Sewing
Okay, your done; Good Job. If you have any comments or questions please just leave them below and I will answer them shortly. For additional help making this dog bed check out this article on dog beds.

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Win This Dog BedIf you like this article and join our Facebook Fan page your name will be dropped in the hat for the November drawing to win this fleece dog bed. Don’t miss out on a chance to win this dog bed in time for Christmas. You can keep this dog bed as a gift for yourself or give it away to someone with a special dog friend.
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