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How 2 Make A Banana Split for Harry Styles

Impressive Paper Mache Banana Split


Using recyclables around the house and a little paper mache you can make this whimsical banana split for Harry Styles.
I know just a little about Harry from my partner Madison (daughter) whom is a fan of 1D and tells me that Harry especially likes bananas.
So messing around in the studio we created #harrysbananasplit. Best of all if you are coming to Philly for the 1D Concert you will see our banana.
You can make your banana any size you like and alter it to fit your needs but remember the Christmas pudding ice cream because it is Harry's favorite.

Quick List
Cardboard box
Recycled Newspaper
Paper Mache Paste
Plastic bags
Masking Tape
Paints and Paint Brushes
Glue Gun (optional)
H20 and Rags
1D Playing

1 Creating Your Banana Split Armature
Cut out a banana base shape from cardboard.

Slide your banana base into a plastic bag and begin stuffing with recyclable newspaper until each side is a full banana shape. Use masking tape to shape and form into a perfect banana.

Now you have your basic banana armature for building from. If you like stop here and you will have a nice banana shape, which Harry would like too. Or you can add face features and ice cream as we did.

paper mache face armature
Crumple up newspaper into eyes and nose shapes, place into a plastic bag and tape into place onto your armature.

We created eyelashes with empty tp rolls and glued them into place.

Ice Cream Bowl
You can create a bowl from cardboard or purchase a $1 bowl, cut hole in the bottom and place on top of the banana.

Ice Cream
Crumple up newspaper into juicy scoops of ice cream and slide into bags. Crumple up small balls to use as cherries and anything else to make your banana split uniquely you.

Whip Cream
Crumple up newspaper into a small pyramid to place on top the ice cream.

Covering your armatures with plastic bags helps prevent warping.
2 Paper Mache and Paper Clay

Once your armature is completely together you will make a patch of paper mache paste and grab your newspaper for stripping.
Cover your banana with 3 layers of newspaper soaked in paper mache paste. Work out the air bubbles and lay flat onto your armature. You don't have to dip your paper into the paste get your hands wet and start rubbing the paper on.
Once you have covered your #harrysbananasplit with paper mache let them completely dried before moving on to the next step.
3. Clay or More Paper Mache

Now you can choose to cover your #harrysbananasplit with more paper mache or use homemade paper clay. Both recipes are on the channel; check them out.
The paper clay will save you time but both are awesome mediums to work with.
Paper Mache: Cover your banana with 8 to 9 more layers of paper mache paste and strips. Sit it aside and let it completely dry before moving on to paint. If your banana split is not strong enough add more strips and let those completely dry.
After each session of paper mache your armature must completely dry before moving to your next step. Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe: http://goo.gl/BH5lgM
harrysbananasplitPaper Clay: Cover the entire octopus tentacles with 1/4 inch layer of paper clay and let that completely dry before painting. Paper Clay Recipe: http://goo.gl/xoTFbJ

Question: Can I skip the paper mache and put paper clay directly onto my armature?
Answer: Yes, if your armature can support the weight of the paper clay without the support of the paper mache strips and paste.

If you need once your #harrysbananasplit have dried you can lightly sand with sandpaper and wipe off before painting.

4. Paint Your Giant Banana Split for Harry Styles

The paper clay absorbs the paint like no other medium we use, so we recommend that you always paint a primer coat of white flat house paint onto your paper clay sculptures in this case your paper clay #harrysbananasplit. It usually takes 3 to 4 coats of primer paint to get good coverage and a smoother surface.
Once the primer coating has dried we use Daler Rowney acrylics picked up from Wal-Mart in 750 ml bottles for under $12.00 each. We buy the primer colors and mix colors as we need.
There are wonderful collections of per mixed colors that you will love looking through at craft stores to use on all your paper sculptures.
Paint your delicious #harrysbananasplit anyway you like and let your acrylics completely dry.
You must seal your paper mache pieces with varnish for protection. Varnish comes in a spray can or paint can in gloss or stain, spray or brush on 3 to 4 coats and let it dry.
On my most prized sculptures I always brush the spray on, in my opinion it always looks more professional.


We so enjoyed sharing our approach to creating a paper clay #harrysbananasplit. I really like the bright colors and cheetah banana style.

I hope you have been inspired to create your own and we would love to see photos, you can leave your suggestions and comments below.
We look forward to seeing you in Philly One Direction!
Thank you for stopping by the studio and have a awesome weekend.

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