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3 Simple Steps to Make a Paper Mache Doll Bed

Easy Paper Mache Baby Doll Bed

Doll BedYou can easily  build a doll bed from card board boxes, newspaper, and simple paper mache paste.
3 simple steps to create your own unique doll bed for gifts, dolls, props or more.

Our little bed was taken over by our little puppy MC look for pictures below.
Quick List
Cardboard box
Recycled Newspaper
Masking Tape
Paints and Paint Brushes
Glue Gun (optional)
H20 and Rags

Go Time

1 Creating Your Doll Bed Armature
Start by cutting out a bed head board, foot board and bed base from cardboard boxes. If you're cardboard is thin cut 2 of each for an extra sturdy doll bed.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the cardboard foot and head board to the bed base.  Cover your cardboard bed armature with a plastic bag; this will help prevent the cardboard from warping. You will notice that in the how to tutorial the armature was not wrapped in plastic and the foot board leans just a tad.
For doll bed ideals you can do a quick search for inspiration and by using the same concept illustrated here you can make your bed any size you like.
2 Paper Mache Strips and Paste
Cover the bed with paper mache strips dipped in your homemade paper mache paste. You will need to apply 3 to 4 layers of newspaper strips over the bed before stopping and letting your bed dry.
After applying the first 4 layers of news strips set your bed aside and let it dry over night. (Could take longer depending your climate) Your doll bed must be completely dried before adding more wet paper mache strips.
After these strips have dried continue using paper mache strips and paste to cover your bed with at least 10 more layers. All 10 layers does not have to be done in one setting but once you stop for the day the armature must be allowed to completely dry before starting a new paper mache stripping session. Below you will find the recipes and steps.
Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe
Drying all those layers of newsprint strips will probably take more than 24 hours just depends on your weather outside.
If you need once the bed has dried you can lightly sand with sandpaper and wipe off.

3. Paint Your Doll Bed
Paint a white coat of paint on your bed to give you a white canvas to start painting on. I used a flat latex paint as my base coat.
Once the base coat as dried paint with acrylics anyway you like. Let this completely dry.
You must seal your paper mache pieces with varnish for protection. Varnish comes in a spray can in gloss or stain, spray on 3 to 4 coats and let it dry.
Just one way to make a baby doll bed; I hope you have been inspired to create your own Paper Mache doll bed and would love to see photos.
We would love to hear from you at the studio, you can leave your suggestions and comments below.
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