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How 2 Make Paper Mache Pumpkins for Halloween Decorating


Easy Paper Mache Pumpkins

finished pumpkin glowingTo create your Halloween pumpkin you will use the paper mache strip recipe the recipes are in the recipe playlist found on the main page of the channel.

In the video we will make pumpkins that you can use through the fall season to decorate any room in your home.

It's pretty easy, I believe it is something that you all can do and enjoy. Oh, goodness and they do turn out scary. I hope to get your creative juices flowing; you will also enjoy looking at these pumpkins by this really talented artist Scott  at  Stolloween, which inspired me.

Make Your Pumpkin Armature

1. First we will make our armature by crumpling up newspaper and stuffing into a plastic bag. You can create any size and style pumpkin that you like by using this simple technique.

After you fill your bag full, press down to push out the giving you more stuffing room.

unstuffing pumpkinTo create the pumpkins ridges take and wrap string (twine, cord) around the bag and tie it tightly. You will want to add several stings to your bag; you can add masking tape over the sting to define the ridges even more.

Use a toilet paper roll or roll up newspaper to create your pumpkin stem. Tape the stem to the top of the pumpkin before you begin laying your paper strips down.

2. Apply 3 to 4 layers of paper mache strips over your entire pumpkin armature.

You will let this completely dry.

3. Now you cover your armature with 15 to 20 layers of paper mache strips and let this completely dry.

carving pumpkin4. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin using a sharp knife or blade. Carefully remove the crumpled newspaper and plastic bag. Everything comes out pretty easy.

5. Draw your eyes, nose, and mouth onto your pumpkin and cut them out.

Cover you're newly cut edges with one layer of paper mache strips to create a smooth finished edge. You can brush the unfinished edges with glue instead of the strips; I do the strips in the video.

pumpkin Finish edgesLet everything completely dry before preparing to paint.

 6. You can add a primer coat of white acrylic or gesso to prevent the newsprint from showing through the paint. Sand again if needed at this stage.

Or you can begin painting your pumpkin without primer coat to have your newsprint show through. I like a little newsprint showing through since I am the paper mache artist.

painting pumpkin7. Add your color to your pumpkins and let it all dry again.

You can cover the paper mache pumpkins with poly acrylic varnish (spray or brush on) and let this completely dry. (Minwax Polycrylic)

They are not weather proof so I use my pumpkin to decorate inside my home.

The pumpkins are really scary and simple to make, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them below or our Facebook Studio.

Happy Halloweenpainted pumpkin

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