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Year Round Paper Mache Candy Cane

Year Round Paper Mache Candy Cane

candy caneHello crafty folks! It is good to see you at the studio today, we are here making candy. This paper mache project is easy and you will have fun decorating with these whimsical Candy Canes.

For now I have only the one made and couldn't wait to share this easy decorating ideal. These whimsical candy canes are certainly not limited to the holidays.

armatureYou're Candy Supplies

You will need a few things to create your paper mache candy.

Empty toilet paper rolls

Recyclable Newspaper

Paper Mache Paste

Tape to hold it all together

Paints and Brushes

Spray Varnish



How 2 Make a Paper Mache Candy Cane


 Make Your Candy Cane armature

cane primer coatStart by taping together your toilet paper rolls end to end. You can make your cane as tall as you like by adding more rolls.

Take some newspaper and roll up to make the curved candy cane end. Create your curve and slide your recycled tp rolls along the top of the candy cane.

Tape everything in place; I used the clear shipping tape on my candy cane.

This is your candy cane armature which you will now cover with paper mache.



Cover your candy cane armature with 4 layers of paper mache strips.

Let these 4 layers completely dry before you cover with an additional 10 layers of newspaper strips. The more newspaper layers you cover your armature with the stronger your candy armature will become.

painting candy cLet your paper mache completely dry before you dare put any paint on your candy.

We have an easy to follow "How 2 Paper Mache" video for you.



Lightly sand your candy armature before painting a one primer coat of paint. Priming your armature will make a nice surface for painting but you don't have to prime your candy before painting.

We use acrylic paint on our candy cane.


clear spray coatPaint your candy cane any acrylic color you want, I think one in every color would be awesome.

Add a layer of poly acrylic varnish all over your cane to protect it against normal wear and tear to decorations.

Sweet Job

Thank you for stopping by the studio, I hoped this sparked some creativity in you and don't forget to add your own little touch.

Please up load a picture on our facebook page, I would love to see your art.

Have a great day.

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