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How 2 Make Paper Pulp Dog Paws

Paper Pulp Dog Paws

dog pawsPaws are just endearing and everyone recognizes the doggy paw.

You can easily create your own paw within minutes; here is what you need to do.

I started by creating a patch of recycled paper pulp, if you need the recipe the article link is below.

How 2 Make and Use Paper Mache Pulp Today

making pawsOne of the many uses of this awesome pulp is creating detail paws for dog sculptures.

The video is a brief demonstration of how I continually work the pulp into mush by rolling it and working in my hands to create these little doggy hands.

Simply add glue or flour if needed, depending on the recipe you choose.

These little paws are great for my work; they are cute enough to hold their own as wall decorations on a larger scale. You could make one large paw, paint the dog name on it, and hang it has a commemorative inscription.

Thanks for stopping by, keep creating.


This is KiK our youngest Dog and he really wants inside.


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