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Whimsy Paper Mache Bassett hound Puppy to Brighten the Day

Paper Mache Basset hound

Who doesn’t love the long eared Basset Hound?

Having the pleasure of owning two Basset hounds (Sherlock and Gretchen) I could not resist the challenge to make this little Basset hound.

I exaggerated on her ears just a bit but my Gretchen had really long soft ears.
I started as usually, collecting a box to cut my basic shape. I crumpled paper and laid and taped it down onto my cut out shape.

I chose a mixed media to accomplish the finish Basset Hound.

Feb. 9.2011 063Using paper strips for her ears and paper clay for her body.

When the clay is completely dry I begin sanding the little girl.

Feb. 9.2011 068

White acrylic is painted on for the base coat, I prefer to use kiltz. But I am out of that right now.

I have created rolls on her legs and extra skin above the eyes by adding extra clay. Basset have lots of extra skin to add to their little character. I have tried to capture that same spirit for Gretchen.
Feb. 9.2011 067
I will need to seal the little girl with poly acrylic to protect her finish but she is drying today and tomorrow hopefully you will see the finished Bassett Hound.

PICT4807Hey! thanks for YOUR time keeping painting, and never stop creating!

Smiles and Roses