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How 2 Make a Huge Red Bell Pepper with Paper Mache

A Red DIY Paper Mache Bell Pepper

bell pepper lidWith recycled newspaper and a little paper mache we will transform our rubbish into a lovely red bell pepper container.

Forget the garden run to the studio to pick this red bell pepper.  A huge bell pepper is simple whimsypapermache, this project is perfect for beginners.

This paper mache project will take 3 to 4 days considering the dry time of the piece.

Quick List

Recycled Newspaper

Paper Mache Paste

Masking Tape

Paints and Paint Brushes

Glue Gun (optional)

H20 and Rags


Creating Your Red Bell Pepper Armature

1 Build Your Armature

Pepper formThe red hot pepper that we created is also a container; we will walk you through on video how to do this and here in can find a brief summary of that video.

Start by stuffing a bag full of newspaper, the fuller your bag the larger your red hot pepper will be. As you stuff your bag shape into a fat cylinder and tie off your bag.

Run string around your bag long ways and tie off tightly, run string around the other side and tie off tightly. The strings will create the 4 crevasses of the pepper.

Create a stem by wading up paper and taping onto the top of your bag.

2 Paper Mache Strips and Paste

paper mache pepperCover the pepper with 3 to 4 layers of paper mache and newspaper soaked in your homemade paper mache paste.  

While stripping make sure all the air bubbles are worked out to prevent air pockets from forming as the paper dries.

Your pepper must be completely dried before adding more paper mache.

Now continue using paper mache to cover your red bell pepper with at least 10 more layers.

All 10 layers do not have to be done in one setting but once you stop for the day the pepper must be allowed to completely dry before starting a new paper mache session.

Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe

cut the pepperCut the pepper if you wish to make a container and apply a small strip of newspaper dipped in the paper mache paste to finish the edge nice and neat.

If you need once the pepper has dried you can lightly sand with sandpaper and wipe off.

3. Paint the Red Bell Pepper

Paint a white coat of paint on your pepper to give you a white canvas for painting on. I used white interior flat paint as my base coat.

Once the base coat as dried paint with acrylics anyway you like. Let this completely dry.

You must seal your paper mache pieces with varnish for protection. Varnish comes in a spray can in gloss or stain, spray on 3 to 4 coats and let it dry.

A Delicious Way to Decorate Your Home

paper mache sculpturesThis is just one way to make a huge red pepper; we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to improve this technique.

I cannot wait to see your beautiful peppers.

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