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How to Paint a Little Pink Bird onto Canvas

little pink bird cover shotYou can pick canvases up at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Wal-Mart. There are a few painters who make custom canvases as well, check around with your local artist.
I began by collecting my tools such as canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, palette and water to rinse my brushes. I cleansed off a small work space and laid my canvas flat onto the table, you can use an easel if you have one but it is not needed.
The canvas size is 8 x 10 and I believe it is just the perfect size for our little pink bird.

Canvas come with a coat of primer gesso usually, but if your canvas does not say that it is primed paint one layer of gesso all of your canvas.
I am using Daler-Rowney Acrylics paint from Wal-Mart, 3 colors: Titanium white, phthalo blue, and crimson.
Take your white and blue acrylic paint and squirt quarter size puddles onto your palette. Now I am a bit stingy with my paint so I kept adding as I needed but you won't waste your quarter size squirts.

Painting Your Blue Sky

painting skyLoad a flat brush with your white and begin making "X" strokes from one end of the canvas to the other.
Once you get started dab your brush into your blue and continue the "X" stroke (criss crossing) along your canvas. Your colors will mix as you paint on your canvas, using the big "X"s you can create soft blends of color. "Three hairs and some air" as the late Bob Ross would say.
You will have created pale blues, dark blues and white "X" (criss cross) strokes all over your canvas. Where you would like more white give it a few minutes to dry and add the white or blue whatever color you want to accent. Obviously this is a whimsical cartoon painting so we will not fully blend and soften our sky.

Paint the Little Pink Bird

painting little pink birdTo create your little pink bird take and squirt a quarter size amount of white acrylic and a smaller amount of red. It all takes a little red to mix with your white to produce pink.
Load your brush with the pink and make an exaggerated "U" shape for the belly of the bird. Make an exaggerated "S" for the top of your bird. Fill the inside with your pink and create highlights with white and your deeper pink.
Use the corner of your flat brush to grab a small amount of deep pink to create a triangle shape for her peak. Do the same to paint a heart shape tail and use a smaller round brush to fill in the heart with paint.
paint lttle bird eyeUse your round brush to create a heart shape wing and fill in with your pinks, white, and deep pink for dimensions.
You're doing great
Use a liner brush or tooth pick to create a small dot of an eye and add eyelashes from your deep pink color.
Create two little legs with the deep pink color, keep them simple. You can sign your painting on front or back whatever you like.

Sweet Little Pink Bird

pink bird 2So cute these little pink birds are, they will add a little character to any room in your home.
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Thank you and wishing you great day.
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