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How to make a Mini Scrap Quilt for Christmas Gifts This Year

How to make a Mini Quilt out of Scraps

how to make a mini quilt I saw this cute ideal at Sew Notions and decided to make mini quilt for my daughter.

If you have a sew room and do any sewing then you already have these wonderful scraps laying around waiting to become something more than they are now.  When life gives you scraps create beauty, right girls.
I am not a quilter, this little quilt is just for fun for us ladies who would like to quilt and don’t.
Just 4 Fun
Please leave your thoughts on how we can make our little quilts better.

Step by Step Mini Quilt Instructions

quilt 2This quilt is an excellent first project for a beginner sewer.
1. Make a template 2.5 x 2.5 inches to use as your pattern for cutting the blocks. You will cut a total of 12 fabric blocks.
2. Take 4 blocks to create each row of your mini quilt. Lay your 4 blocks out, by placing right sides together of each block you will sew down the side creating a row.
mini quilt 8I used 3 rows to create my mini quilt.
3. Sew each of your rows together to create a quilt top.
4. Cut a 5 x 7 fabric bottom and batting for your mini quilt. Print out my template or create your own. I use the pattern on my quilt top to ensure all three pieces are the same size.
min quilt quilted5. To achieve the quilted look, stitch a long s shaped stitch down each row of your quilt top. You will have made three stitches like this onto your quilt.
You can see this more clearly on the other side of my quilt, please see the photo to the side.
back of quiltNow you will turn your quilt to the side and stitch four rows running the opposite direction, as seen in the photo.
6. I used bias tape to trim the edges of the mini guilt, I stitched it on by hand.
This is my little mini quilt, again let me say I know nothing of professional quilting, I admire the quilter of our quilt 1world.
This little scrap guilt is something fun I can do to recycle my fabric scraps, and my daughter loved it.
You could make them smaller and attach a long ribbon to the side and use as a Christmas tree ornament as well.
I hope you enjoyed making your mini quilt, please leave any questions that you may have and I will respond as soon as possible.
Have a great weekend and I will see you at the studio soon.
If you are interested in purchasing a framed mini quilt email me and we can talk, info@whimsypapermache.com.
To learn about quilting from an experienced quilter here is a link that I found just today.
Cut To Pieces
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