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Make A Homemade Paper Weight Recycling Magazines

homemade finished paper weight rock gift idealUse this smart technique to personalize all kinds of things for easy homemade presents.

In this video I will show you how to decoupage simple rocks into beautiful paper weight.

Teachers this is an inexpensive way to inspire the artist in your class and talk about artistic ways to recycle, while making a present.

Easy Homemade Gift Ideal That Rocks

How 2 Make A Paper Weight Gift

Decoupage is a crafty art involving cutting, pasting and varnishing. Watch “Easy Homemade Gift Ideals that Rock” for more help.

1. Start by tearing your magazine images into a good size for gluing to your rock. You can lay it down on your rock for placement before you ever start tearing your magazine pages.


Don't use scissors the rougher edges to lay nicer onto the rock.


materials2. Using any cheap craft brush apply glue on the back of the paper and press onto the rock. Now get more glue and brush onto the top of the paper and rock.


I make an effort to smooth out wrinkles and crinkles as I brush my top coat on. Sometimes I use my fingers but the glue washes right off with soapy water.


3. Continue brushing glue onto your paper and rock until the entire rock is covered with beautiful images.


I chose flowers and added text from a magazine. Adding words to the images really adds, you can even add a personal note or gesture only a friend could relate.


4. Seal with a clear Varnish that is available at any Wal-Mart or hardware store in the interest of longevity.


apply gluePaper Weight Materials Need

Rock: Small for a paper weight and large for a door stop.

Old Magazines: Rip and tear out the images you want.

Elmer's Glue: Used to adhesive the paper to the rock.

Paint Brush: Use cheap foam brushes for applying glue.

Clear Varnish Spray: Seal the rock after complete.

Water: Cleaning your brush.

Work Space



That's It, Art Rocks!

You Should Know:

This is a paper weight if exposed to weather or water of any kind it will not last. I have had one safely sit on my desk for 10 years but others have wasted away on the patio.

Rocks hold moisture that eventually will wear on the paper. You could spray the rock with varnish and let this dry and then apply the decoupage work. I have not tried this method.

Great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or for Random Gifts for those that love us the most.

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