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Just Another Wow Sculpture

This is little Wow #3 and coming along quite nicely. I am trying to take more photos to share with you the process I have chosen. 

I made each of the body parts separately and covered them with a layer of news strips. The head and body are created with balloons. Balloons make the perfect shape for the round body Wow has.

The legs are shaped with toilet paper rolls and a little baggy stuffed for the effect of a full paw. The body and legs are attached together with tape and covered with news strips to create a nice surface for adding clay. The partial put together armature will dry over night and I can move to the next pieces.

The duck tape looks harsh on the puppy, but I promise he can’t feel a thing yet. I have pulled him in for a quick flat belly diet and the tape is holding him secure for me. Tape is like having extra hands! I then attached the head to have a complete armature.

While the body and legs are drying, I cut out the ears and cape from empty pizza boxes. Pizza boxes are great for all types of armatures they are thick enough to hold shape yet moldable when wet with the news layers. After placing my first layer of strips over my cut outs, it is set aside to dry completely. After the dry time, I strip the ears at least 8 additional times, to ensure coverage. The ears are then laid over an empty Lays potato chip can to create the shape. I just move it around till it looks right because it will harden rock solid. Just a note on the strips, I do not lay long strips down I tear off a two inch by two inch piece and snap it’s covered. I have found that long strips can create it to draw in as it dries, and they just don’t work as well. 

Awesome, we are really getting close on this Wow, and I am delighted with the shape.

Wow is dry and I am ready to add paper mache clay; this should be spread all over ¼” thick, except on the bottom of his paws, these will have to wait until tomorrow, the clay needs time to dry.

You can see him taking his shape now. The tail is attached and strengthen with the clay. When the ears and cape have dried I will attach them and add paper mache clay at the joint for strength.

The ears and cape have dried; they are ready for eight more layers of strips. I have not discussed the recipes for the paste or paper mache clay I have provided a tab at the top of this weblog for your convenience. 

As always, thank you for sharing your time, time is everything!

I hope that you are inspired to create a little something yourself. Christmas is coming up and everyone loves a handmade gift from the heart. Create for the Creator!

Smiles and Roses!