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How to Make a Simple McCall's Skirt

Simple McCall's 6654 Skirt

Finished Simple McCall's Skirt
Welcome to your skirt Workshop, it's our pleasure to have you at the studio. We will be using McCall's 6654 but if you don't have the pattern by viewing ours perhaps you could make your own.
So let's get started.
Basic sewing knowledge is needed for this Skirt workshop, either hand stitching or machine stitch sewing. 
This video is not meant to teach you sewing it is to offer FREE help to complete your skirt. Go to our website to view pictures and detailed help for this workshop.

Before and after creating your skirt you are encouraged to ask any questions in the comment area and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.
Material List
Skirt Pattern
1" (inch) Elastic 1 1/4 yard
Sewing accessories

Steps to Make Your Skirt

1. Before you begin your sewing, pre wash your fabric to allow for shrinking and then press (Iron) your fabric to remove the wrinkles. Suggested fabrics for this skirt are: cotton knits, jersey, sweater knits, and other knits.

2. Open you pattern package and cut out the skirt pattern pieces. We are walking you through skirt C and you will need pattern pieces 1, 2 and 3.
Now you are ready to pin your pattern pieces onto your fabric.
Layout pattern McCall's Skirt

3. Lay your fabric down on the table and pull each side to the middle with RIGHT SIDES together. In the video we have pulled each side to the middle separately so you could see it clearly.

Use skirt pattern piece 1 (front of the skirt) and place solid line on the fold of fabric. Pin the pattern 1 to the fabric and cut. (Cut one on fold)

Use skirt pattern piece 2 (back of the skirt) and place solid line on the fold of fabric. Pin the pattern 2 to the fabric and cut. (Cut one on fold)

Also cut out pattern piece 3 for the casting from your fabric.

Skirt Sewing Steps

1. Start with the skirt; with RIGHT SIDE lay the front and the back together and pin. Double Stitch a 5/8" seam allowance down the sides.

front and back together to stitch seam

2. Stitch the ends of your casing together with RIGHT SIDES facing one another. The seam you create will be the center back of your skirt.

skirt casing

3. With wrong sides' together fold in half matching notches, press and baste raw edges together.

4. Pin casing to upper edge of skirt, with seam in the center back, stretching casing to fit. Hand baste the casing to the skirt to have better control with you stitch on the machine.
Stitch a double stitched seam and then press your seam allowances toward skirt.

sew casing to skirt

5. Cut a piece of 1" elastic to put into your casing. Put a safety pin on the end of your elastic and work through the opening in your casing. Hold it with a safety pin and try the skirt on and adjust if necessary. Stitch the ends of elastic and let it go into the casing. Slipstitch opening edges together.

add elastic to casing

6. Hem the bottom of your skirt. To create a narrow hem tuck under raw edge to meet crease, press, and stitch your hem in place.

hem your skirt


Simple Skirt Wrap Up

You have accomplished your Skirt workshop; you have done a Great Job. We would love to see your skirt, so paste them to our Facebook page, please.

We hope that you have enjoyed your Skirt workshop and we thank you for supporting the studio.
Before you leave please check out the studio's 235+ FREE how to workshops to satisfy your creative hunger.

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