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How to Make a Cartoon Dog Sculpture

Effortless Paper Mache/Clay Cartoon Dog

Join the studio to form recycled newspaper into a Cartoon Dog shape, cover with paper mache, paper clay, paint, and protect with shine.

Paper Clay Cartoon Dog Sculpture

This armature is not for the faint of heart but with practice your cartoon dogs will get better and better and better. So join us as you discover the whimsy world of paper mache.

We hope to be a spring board to get you started, we encourage you to tweak, change the Cartoon Dog up all you want and always keep a "I think I can attitude" for an exciting discovery.

Stuff List
Recycled Newspaper
Plastic bag
Masking Tape
Paper Mache Paste
Paints and Paint Brushes
Paper Clay (Optional)
Minwax Varnish
H20 and Rags

Steps to Make Your Cartoon Dog Sculpture

1 Build Your Cartoon Dog Armature
Begin by wading up newspaper into a round ball using masking tape to hold into place. This is the base of your dog head; you will build your snout from this round ball.
Once you have the newspaper ball the size that you need take and slide the ball into a plastic bag, tie the bag off and tape to the ball head. Now you can add any shape snout to this round head that you have created.

Paper Clay Cartoon Dog Sculpture

Dog Snout
To shape your snout begin stuffing a plastic bag with crumpled up newspaper and shape your desired snout. Take a look at cartoon drawing of dogs and this will give you ideals to work from.
 Tape your snout to the round head.

Dog Body
Begin by wading up newspaper into a tear drop shape using masking tape to hold the newspaper into place. The longer smaller end of the teardrop we will use as our neck and the rounder end will be the butt. Slide your body into a plastic bag and tape to the dog head.

Paper Clay Cartoon Dog Sculpture

Dog Legs
Roll up card board into tubes and tape to the body in the leg position. Roll up newspaper into balls for the dog paws and glue onto the bottom of the legs.

Dog Tail
Twist up newspaper into a tail shape and length that you want and tape into position.
This is your basic Cartoon Dog armature; change it up to be uniquely yours.

Dog Ears

Cut your dog ears from cardboard and attach to the head.

2 Paper Mache and Paper Clay
1st Session
Cover the Cartoon Dog armature with 3 layers of newspaper using your hands soaked in paper mache paste. The recipe is simple flour, water, and a dash of salt. Here is a quick link to the recipe: http://goo.gl/BH5lgM

Ready your recycled newspaper by ripping the paper into strips of about 3 to 4 inches. Lay the newspaper flat onto your Dog armature and work out all air bubbles with your hands. As you continue to apply layers of paper onto your armature your Cartoon Dog will begin to take shape. Never give up you can do this, keep that YES I CAN THINKING.

Once you have covered your Cartoon Dog with paper mache they must completely dry. Lay them out in the sun if you can for faster drying, they will take at least 24 hours to dry depending on the size of your Cartoon Dog.

Paper Clay Cartoon Dog Sculpture

Paper Clay or Paper Mache
You Choose

2nd Session
For this session you have two choices; paper clay or paper mache. Both mediums are wonderful and will render a perfect Cartoon Dog sculpture. The 2 best benefits to using the paper clay vs. paper mache are time and toughness. Both recipes are on the channel; please do check them out.
We will walk through both paper mache and paper clay finishing process.

Paper Mache: Cover with 4 to 5 more layers of paper mache all at one time. Let it completely dry before moving on. If you're Cartoon Dog does not seem tough enough add more paper mache (see step 1). After each session of paper mache your sculpture must completely dry before moving to your next step. Awesome, guys get excited to see your Cartoon Dog take shape.

Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe: http://goo.gl/BH5lgM

Paper Clay: Cover the entire paper mache Dog armature with about 1/4 to 1/2 inch layer of paper clay, doing one side at a time and letting that completely dry. Apply the homemade paper clay with your hands and smooth with paper mache paste, butter knife, etc. You can let your paper clay dry for about 6 or more hours and then smooth more with paste.

Paper Clay Cartoon Dog Sculpture

The size of your Cartoon Dog will determine how long it will take to dry. A large Cartoon Dog will take approximately 3 to 4 days to dry, the paper clay takes longer to dry than you think so don't rush it, wait an extra day before painting for caution.

You can use a fan, the sun, and the oven on the lowest temperature it will allow. Our oven can go as low as 145 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a perfect temperature for slowly drying your paper clay, we will place it in the oven over night and pull out doesn't do well in the closed oven when off.

Also, if you heat your clay to fast it can turn dark brown in the oven which is okay because you will cover with primer paint.

Paper Clay Recipe: http://goo.gl/xoTFbJ

Question: Can I skip the paper mache and put paper clay directly onto my armature?
Answer: Yes, yes you can if your armature can support the weight of the paper clay without the support of the paper mache strips and paste.

If you need once the Cartoon Dog has dried you can lightly sand with sandpaper and wipe off before painting.

3. Paint Your Cartoon Dog Sculpture
Paint a white coat of primer paint on your Cartoon Dog this will give you a white canvas for painting. We use white flat interior house paint to prime the surface some of our sculptures.

Once the primer coat as dried paint with acrylics anyway you like. I begin with the darkest color and work my way to the lightest color shade. Color is fun and you can't mess up, anything goes.
Let all you paint completely dry before sealing with varnish.

Varnishing (Protecting)
You must seal your paper mache pieces with varnish for protection against moisture. Brush on 3 to 4 coats of varnish and let it completely dry. We brush on Polycrylic Minwax at the studio to varnish all our art. The gloss enhances our paint job. Follow the instructions on your varnish to apply.

Cartoon Dog Wrap Up

This is just one way to make a whimsy Cartoon Dog sculpture, hope you will use it to create your own Cartoon Dog sculpture and of course share with the studio.
Thank you for stopping by the studio please subscribe before you leave and have a great day.

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