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How to Make Leaf Plate with Paper Mache

Paper Mache Leaf

Using card board boxes, newspaper, and paper mache paste you can make a beautiful fall leaf for a touch of nature in your home.
Paper Mache leaf plate finished

Paper mache can be used to make just about anything your heart's desire.

Quick List
Cardboard box
Recycled Newspaper
Masking Tape
Brown Bag and Elmer's Glue
Paints and Paint Brushes
Glue Gun (optional)
H20 and Rags

1 Creating a Leaf Armature
leaf armature
Grab your recycled cardboard and draw out a leaf.

You can by option cover your armatures with a plastic bag; this will help prevent the cardboard from warping. When using thick cardboard sometimes I leave off the plastic bag.
With our leaf we choose to leave off the bag to create a natural warping on the edges.

2 Paper Mache Strips and Paste
During your first stripping session cover the armatures all over with 3 to 4 layers of paper mache strips dipped in your easy paper mache paste. Work out all the air bubbles and lay flat against your nail armatures.

Your leaf armature must be completely dried before adding more wet paper mache strips.

paper mache leaf

More Paper Mache

Paper Mache: Cover with 4 or 5 more layers of paper mache strips and let it completely dry before moving on to your next step. If your Leaf are not strong enough add more strips and let those completely dry.  

After each session of paper mache your armature must completely dry before moving to your next step. Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe: http://goo.gl/BH5lgM

If you need once the Leaf has dried you can lightly sand with sandpaper and wipe off before painting.

3. Paint or Decoupage Your Leaf
We choose to finish our leaf with brown bag torn into small pieces then decoupage onto the nail, working out all air bubbles. Covering the entire leaf with 1 layer then let it completely dry.
You can color wash your leaf for a real natural changing color effect that looks killer. Let your leaf dry before sealing with varnish.

seal your leaf with varnish

4. Varnish Your Leaf
Seal your paper mache with varnish for protection. I applied 3 coats of Polycrylic Minwax Clear Gloss to protect the leaf.

I hope you have been inspired to create something wonderful out of paper mache today.
We would love to hear from you at the studio, come again real soon.

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