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Santa Claus Made Easy With Dough Clay

Dough Clay Santa

Make your own jolly Ole St. Nick for the Christmas tree this year out of dough clay (salt dough).
Dough Clay Santa Claus Ornament

Spread cheer to all in the house....Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sculpting Design

Making the santa1. Body: Make a short, wide triangular shape for his fat body.

2. Roll a ball for the head. Join the head to the body by slightly wetting the area they will connect. The water will act as glue.

3. Use tear drop shapes for his arms and attach on each side of his body. Having the narrow end of the tear drop connect to his shoulder and the large end will hold his hand.

4. Roll a small coil and place across body, above the slit and ending on the sides where hands will be. This is for creating fur on Santa's coat.

5. Roll two pea size balls of dough for Santa's hands and attach with water.

6. To shape his boots take a piece of dough slightly larger than the head, pull into two equal sized pieces for boots. Roll the dough into a large tear drop shape, and turn bottom end out for the foot. Join boots to pants with a drop of water.

7. For his beard put some dough in a garlic press and squeeze out 1/2 to 3/4 inch of strands. Cut off carefully with knife and place on bottom part of his head. Make a little space for his mouth, as seen in the examples. Screens and strainers make beards as well.
Squeeze out more dough for his hair and place on the sides of his head, try bringing the hair down to meet his beard.

8. For Santa's hat first roll a long tapered coil. Join the wide end of the coil to top of head with water. Add a short coil where the head and long end of the hat meet.
Drape the narrow end of the long coil over the side and roll a pea size ball for the end to complete Santa's hat.

Painting and varnishing the dough clay santaBaking Your Design

Bake your Santa at 200 degrees for estimated 120 minutes. Dough should be hard all the way through. Remember you can use a pin in the thickest parts to create pin holes to prevent puffing.

Painting & Varnishing

After the Santa is baked and cooled you are ready to paint. You can use food coloring or acrylic paints to add your color. Let your paint dry and then seal with varnish.

Spray 2 to 3 layers of varnish on both sides of your Santa after your paint has dried making sure the entire piece is covered. Allow your varnish to dry and add a ribbon.

Santa Wrap Up

This is just one way to make a dough clay Santa ornament for Christmas; we would love to hear your thoughts and see your Santa.

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