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Make an Easy Dough Clay Mrs Pac Man and Blinky

Mrs. Pac Man and Blinky With Dough Clay

Mrs. Pac Man and Blinky With Dough Clay
Learn how to make Mrs. Pac Man and Blinky using dough clay, a wonderful medium to build artistic skills.

Mrs. Pac Man is a fun way to decorate your Christmas tree and perfect to adorn the packages of any gamer.

How to video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ0HfnPK9rY

If you have never used dough clay, check out the recipe and how to video. Dough Clay Recipe

Sculpting Your Design

Mrs. Pac Man Dough ClayMrs. Pac Man
1. Roll a ball of dough about the size of a golf ball for a large Mrs. Pac Man.
2. Pat the ball of dough into a flat circle disk about 1/4 " thick, on cookie sheet. You can use a cup to create a perfectly round circle if you like.
3. Take a knife and cut a triangle out of the circle.
4. Shape the bow and
5. Place wire for hanger.(paper clip)

Ghost Blinky
1. Roll a ball a dough about the size of a half dollar and pat into a 1/4 inch disk (circle) and cut away to create a rectangle with one end rounded. Roll two small pea-sized balls and place for eyes. Place a wire hanger such as a paper clip.

Remember to wet the dough when joining pieces together.

Baking Your Design

Bake your tag at 250 degrees for 60 minutes. Dough must be baked until it is solid hard all the way through.
Remember you can air dry your pieces as well, usually over a 24 hour period depending on the thickness.

Question: What do I do if my dough is Puffy when I dry baking in the oven?
Answer: If your dough clay puffs up while baking, air is usually the problem and cut edges seem to allow air in.

Size can cause puffy dough when bake; keep the thickness under 1/2 inch. Use a pin to punch holes in the thickest area, if you need to.

Painting & Varnishing

Mrs. Pac Man and Blinky With Dough Clay

When cool, you can decorate the salt dough using acrylic paints or simple food color. After the designs are painted, they must be varnished to seal out moisture, and the varnish also gives a nice gloss.
Spray 3 to 4 layers of varnish on both sides.

Wrap Up
We hope you have been inspired to create your own whimsy art today and would love to see photos of your creations, post to our facebook page.

Great to see you at the studio have a great weekend.

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