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Simple Square Dog Bed Made with Fleece

DIY Square Dog Bed without Sewing

You can recycle an old pillow into an adorable little dog bed in just minutes with this quick do-it-yourself article and YouTube video. 
Use your old pillow as a pattern and stuffing for your bed, buy cool fleece, cut, and tie knots. 
In the picture is our little new puppy with beautiful blue eyes, what a blessing to the studio.
Materials Needed
1.      Scissors
2.      Fleece Fabric
3.      Pillow
Puppy optional

Making a Dog bed in Bite Size Chunks

Lay your pillow onto 1 piece of fleece fabric and leave 3.5 inches to 4 inches margin. After cutting remove the pillow, use this cut piece as the pattern to cut the bottom piece.
Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, and cut the bottom to match the top piece, they should fit perfectly.
Around the edge of the fleece begin to cut straight lines every 2 inch apart, and 3.5 to 4 inches in length. 
Pick the same spot on your scissors to stop when cutting the 3 inch line to create the strips. This will ensure they are all cut at the same length.
Be sure to cut through both layers of fleece, this will create strips for tying knots.
I like long strips for easy tying into knots but you decide what you like best.

Easy Dog Bed

Tie each of the cut strips into neat knots around the entire square leaving one short untied.
Stuff the dog bed with your recycled pillow and tie knots down to close up the dog bed.

BAM! You have completed your easy knot dog bed with ease.
Making a dog bed is something that can be shared with your children or grandchildren. They will be amazed how they can create a one of a kind homemade dog bed for their best friend.

If your dog starts to chew on your newly made dog bed, spray tart Apple vinegar on the spots he most likes to chew on.
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