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How to Make Precious Little Paper Mache Whales

Adorable and Effortless Paper Mache Whales

We will show you how to wade up newspaper into a simple ball and transform it into a beautiful little whale.
paper mache whalesWe have created a little pair of whales for you to follow along. This paper mache project is super easy and great for someone wanting to learn the awesome art of paper mache.
These little whales have a awesome whimsypapermache look we think you will enjoy so much.
Quick List
Recycled Newspaper
Masking Tape
Paper Mache Paste
Paints and Paint Brushes
H20 and Rags

Creating Your Whale Armature

1 Build Your Armature
little whale form momBegin by wading up recycle newspaper into a ball and leave a small tail at the end for using as your whale tail.
Secure your whale shape with lots of mashing tape. Tape the tail with a small amount of tape and cut in half then wrap both sides with masking tape.

2 Paper Mache Your Little Whales
mom whale pmCover the whales with 4 layers of paper mache paste and paper.  While covering your whale make sure all the air bubbles are worked out to prevent air pockets from forming as the whales completely dry.
Once your whales are dry check for any weak spots, if you are satisfied with the strength of your pieces you are ready to paint your whales.
If you need once the whales have dried you can lightly sand them with sandpaper and wipe off.
3. Paint the little whales
Paint a white coat of paint on your whale to give you a white canvas for painting on.
little whale babyOnce the base coat as dried paint with acrylics anyway you like. Let this completely dry.
You must seal your paper mache pieces with varnish for protection. Varnish comes in a spray can in gloss or stain, spray on 3 to 4 coats and let it dry.little pm whale
This is just one way to make little whales; we would love to hear your thoughts and see the little paper mache whales that you have made.
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