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How to Make a Awesome Fluffy Cloud for Your Home

Fluffy White Paper Mache Cloud

glue fluff to cloudHello artsy folks today we are going to make a awesome fluffy white Cloud from our recyclables.

Our handmade clouds will be as unique as clouds themselves.

Did you know that clouds are white because their water droplets or ice crystals are large enough to scatter the light of the seven wavelengths (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet), which combine to produce white light. www.weatherwizkids.com


Here is a quick list of materials.

Recycled Newspaper

Masking Tape

White Paints and Paint Brushes

Poly acrylic Varnish

Poly stuffing

H20 and Rags


First thing you need is your cloud armature which is the foundation for your sculpture.


Let's Get Started



1 Creating Your Armature

balloons for armatureStart by blowing up a bunch of 12" balloons, the cloud we made took around 10 balloons. Blow the balloon up, place with other facing the fat end out and tape the balloons together.

Make your cloud as large or small as you like. 

2 options

2 PaPer MaChe Your Cloud Armature

Now you are ready to cover your armature with paper mache strips dipped in our homemade paper mache paste. You will need to apply four layers of newspaper strips over the armature. After applying the strips you will set your armature aside and let it dry over night. We will be applying many more layers in the morning.

Quick Link to Paper Mache Paste Recipe and Clay Recipe

You'll love them for their simplicity and organic look.

I would add 10 or more layers to the armature before painting. However many layers you add to your armature, is how strong your Cloud will be.

Also after each stage of applying paper mache strips you must let it completely dry, I'll say it again, completely dry before applying any primer.

Drying all those layers of newsprint strips will probably take more than 24 hours just depends on your weather outside.

3 Paint Your Cloud White and Seal with Varnish

polycrylic coverageYou simply want a white base coat on your cloud. You will cover your cloud with the stuffing and the white base is perfect.

You must seal your paper clay or paper mache pieces with varnish. You can spray or brush this on your cloud before adding your fluff.

Cloud Finishing Touches

4. Cover with your fluffy stuffing

advertismentThat's it you guys, I hope that this has inspired some creativity in you. Thank you for stopping by the studio and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Please leave your suggestions and comments below.

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