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Up Cycle Your Wine Bottles This Valentine’s

Cutesy Valentine Vase from Recycled Glass Bottles

happyvdayUp-cycle your old glass into something whimsical and give-able for Valentine's Day this year.

What to Do First

First clean your empty glass and being by covering your bottle with one layer of paper mache. You don't need to cover the rim of the bottle or the bottom. I have some bottles that I cover the bottom and some not.

paint heartsYou can use any paper you want such as colored construction paper; we are using newspaper in this workshop.

The paper mache paste recipe is 2 parts flour, 1 part water and a dash of salt, the video is on the channel.

Let your newly paper mache glass bottle dry.

Melt some wax and dip the rim of the bottle in the wax, I do this to protect the paper when filling the bottle with water to hold flowers.

Now you are ready to add some color, paint hearts, poke a dots, or whatever you like. Let the paint dry and then cover with Polycrylic or spray varnish to add shine and protection. Let that dry.

Accessorize Your New Up cycled Vase

heart vase cover w beadsYou can add ribbon, beads on wire, and charms to give your bottom a little romance.

These little vases are perfect to say I am thinking about you this Valentine's Day.

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Have a great day, Happy Valentine's Day from our family to YOU.

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